When you click on an RFQ, a new window opens with all the details of this RFQ. In addition to the RFQ details you can also use the tabs to view information about the company, other RFQs from that company, and so on. Below the RFQ details, click on the CONTACT button to indicate your order interest and to submit an initial quote with guiding price and production time.

After clicking Contact it opens a pop-up window with predefined fields for an initial contact.

You have to specify a total guiding price for the RFQ as well as the production time during initial contact. This information is not legally binding, but can not be changed once you have sent the initial contact and the buyer will see this guiding price in his quote overview. However, you can adapt or renegotiate your quote at any time via quote communication. You can specify messages or attachments during initial contact or at a later time via the quote communication. For more information about quote communication, see: How can I handle my communication directly through the platform? 

If it is an NDA agreement, you must first download, sign and upload it. The order is then automatically moved to your Quote Management in the NDA Requests category. You will then automatically receive a notification once your signed NDA has been accepted, after which you can submit a quote for this RFQ. For more information about NDA RFQs, see: How can I look at files that are encrypted by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? 

After you have sent your message or quote, the RFQ automatically goes into your Quote Management in the Open RFQs category. For more information on Quote Management, see: How does Quote Management work? 

You can also save suitable RFQs for you in advance. The button SAVE RFQ can be found directly in the RFQ at the end of the details. As soon as you have saved an RFQ, it automatically enters the SAVED RFQs list _ see Subnavi on SEARCH FOR ORDERS. You can then contact the company via ORDERFOX Messenger at a later time.

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