By clicking on CREATE RFQs, you will be taken directly to the corresponding mask.

Enter the basic information and select the offer submission and delivery dates. Describe the workpiece using the pre-defined fields. 

Attachments, e.g. technical drawings, etc. can be uploaded in .dwg, .dxf, .gid, .jpg, .step, .pdf or .png formats. The maximum size of a single file is 10 MB. You also have the option to protect your files by activating an encryption. For more information, see: How can I create an RFQ with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and then activate the files? 

Limit your call for bids using the following fields: blacklist (for more information on CREATE COMPANY BLACKLIST click here), additional information, bidding area and exclusive partner (for more information on CREATE EXCLUSIVE PARTNER LIST click here). 

You can now check the information you have entered and either publish the offer or save it as a draft. Please note, once you have published an order, it can no longer be edited. This only works as long as the order is still saved as a draft. For more information on HOW CAN I EDIT A PUBLISHED ORDER click here. 

You can find your placed RFQs in the corresponding categories (Public or Draft) in your Order Management. For more information on Order Management, see: How does Order Management work? 

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