If the view of the files is encrypted for an RFQ, you must first download the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button. You can re-upload the agreement signed by you either by clicking on UPLOAD or by drag & drop directly in the RFQ. Attention: After uploading the signed agreement, the RFQ is automatically moved to your Quote Management in the NDA Request category. For more information on Quote Management, see: How does Quote Management work?

After verifying the signed agreement and enabling the files by the client, you will receive a notification that you now have access to the RFQ's files and the RFQ will automatically be moved to the Open RFQs category. More information on notifications can be found at: How can I handle my communication directly through the platform? 

Double-clicking the RFQ will take you straight to the RFQ details with the activated files.

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