The complete order communication is visible at a glance. The RFQ creator or Buyer receives the communication overview if he clicks on an RFQ in the quote overview (in Order Management) and the CNC Manufacturer when he clicks on an RFQ in Quote Management.

A Buyer can accept or decline a quote in this view and a CNC Manufacturer can withdraw a quote here. More information on Order Management can be found at: How does Order Management work? and Quote Management under: How does Quote Management work?

In the communication view you also have the possibility to deposit relevant notes that can only be seen by your company.

Even if an RFQ has been completed, communication remains open and information can be exchanged.


The in-app notification system informs you about all events within the platform, such as new RFQs, accepted offers, NDA requests or releases, new RFQs for your search subscriptions, etc.

The notification icon on the top right page will tell you how many new messages you have received. By clicking on the notification icon, you will see a summary of all new or unread messages.

If you click on the SHOW ALL button, you will be taken to the notification center where all messages are displayed. Here you also have the opportunity to filter the messages according to RFQs, quotes, NDA and exclusive partner RFQs.

You can also send all messages by e-mail summarized. To do this, go to your profile button on the top right and under Settings on E-mail notifications. Here, too, you have the option to filter the e-mail notifications for RFQs, quotes, NDA and exclusive partner RFQs.

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