In order for the buyer to have the quotation prices for his RFQ at a glance and to receive feedback on your submitted quote more quickly, you are automatically requested to quote the guiding price and the production time for each RFQ.

As soon as you click on the CONTACT button for a suitable RFQ, a pop-up window opens, in which you have to enter a guiding price and the production time. This information is not legally binding, but can not be changed once you have sent the initial contact and the buyer will see this guiding price in his quote overview. For more information about suitable RFQs, see: What do I do when I have found a suitable RFQ?

However, you can adapt or renegotiate your quote at any time via quote communication. You can specify messages or attachments during initial contact or at a later time via the quote communication. 

In quote communication, you always have the guiding price as well as the production time in your field of vision.

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